I am not a Foodie

Moroccan spiced soup

Hate to Cook? Me too. yes, I hate to cook……I can hear your wheels turning, “but you are a Nutritionist?” I get it…..it may seem contraindicating to be a holistic nutritionist and not enjoy cooking. But in my life, food was never about nutrients, macros, antioxidants and fuel. I did not grow up thinking this […]

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Scoop on Poop

Elimination Let’s face it…..we do not like to talk about poop. elimination. constipation. farts. it is just one of those taboos. The only problem with creating a taboo around this subject…..we are silencing the one key way our body talks to us. What’s the one thing we literally have this in common with every single […]

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TED Radio Hour on NPR

Stittsville Farmers MArket-Suzanne Tate CNP

A Long Drive Home While on a long drive home from a hockey game in Cornwall Ontario (yes we won) there was a perfect show for me to tune into. Fascinated with the topic and guests, I new this one was a must share. TED Talks I can spend hours in the TED Talk replays, […]

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Meal Planning for Hockey Families

hockey cook book

Meal planning can be a challenge in the best of weeks with packed schedules, work and school. And then let’s add in a hockey schedule, or gymnastics, swimming….now let’s ramp it up and add to the fact they are in high end competitive teams. Fuel for a growing kid can be very challenging in the […]

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My friend LEO

Arbonne Lemon Essential Oil

LEO is a great friend Essential oils are a potent piece of the puzzle to wellness. I have heard everything in the past 2 years from ingesting oils to using them in baking ideas. It is hard to know the truth when there are so many different opinions on the internet. There are essential oils […]

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Tinyoffice-Athebarn-Suzanne Tate Certified Nutrition practitioner

Who wouldn’t want a #tinyoffice? This space looks sooooo different now. As you can see in the pic above, the “tinyoffice” or she shed was just being delivered. This whole craze for a “tinyoffice” started when we bought our new house with a gorgeous little cozy shed in the back yard. I declared immediately, “this […]

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Lion’s Mane At The Barn

Lion's Mane Mushroom - Suzanne Tate Certified Nutrition PRactitioner

Stittsville Market At The Barn The goal originally was to host a farmer’s market that had a holistic spin. This past weekend we were treated with the opportunity to purchase Lion’s Mane Mushroom from Forest Floor Mushrooms from Almonte. Not only do these mushrooms taste amazing, but they now have started to have recent research […]

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Stittsville Farmer’s Market At The Barn

Nutrition and Stittsville Farmers Market-Suzanne Tate

Sundays at The Farmer’s Market At The Barn When you graduate from applied nutrition training, you enter a huge world of nutrition information coming at you from every angle, wellness coaches, Dr google, books, tv shows, advertising and all levels of people sharing diets. So how do you truly impact someone’s health if they have […]

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