Have you ever woke up thinking……is this the next 40? Can I do this for another 40 years? I woke up with this gut feeling starting at age of 40 after an incredible career in Photojournalism. I knew I needed a change. The universe has a funny bone and placed a vegan skin care company in front of me. Why is this funny? I was a tom boy and hardly ever paid attention to my skin or products. Today, 8 years later, I run a global team of ambassadors for the vegan skin care company. If you are struggling nutritionist in business, then I want to connect with you. You can learn more about this, just click here.

Three years into the wellness business I went back to school and studied Holistic Nutrition. My coaching style is very down to earth and to simplify information focused on you, not the trends, fads or gimmicks of the season. We all have busy lives and have no room for more complication, or adding another 10 things to your “to do list”.  A confused mind says NO, so does a stressed body.

I love guiding entrepreneurs & adrenaline seeking people who have no time to become a sou chef to get healthy. Let me ask you this, are you currently:

        • trading your health for more time & money
        • eating on the go in between meetings
        • dealing with heart burn, gas, bloating
        • hair loss, skin and complexion issues

  • unexplained weight gain
  • noticing more wrinkles, puffiness under the eyes
  • not feeling confident in pictures, on FB lives for your Biz
  • energy is decreasing, brain fog, easily startled, frustrated

Our bodies are like our vehicles. We take our cars for oil changes every 5k, we give them tune ups and interior washes, take off the salt stains crusted onto the matts……however, do we give this type of care and attention to one of  our most important vehicles, our bodies. We get one vehicle for life and how it runs, directly effects the bottom line of your business, career, family and life.

Let’s take a peak under the hood, come meet me in my SheShed for a free 30 min discovery session or let’s grab some time on the phone, You have a lot of mileage left on your vehicle lease.