Live Blood Cell Analysis

To help clients understand the complexities of their bodies, I like to give visual aids. Picture your car, you need oil & fuel to help your car run. We spend a lot of time & money on our cars keeping them running optimally, I argue even more than we do on taking care of our bodies. So how does a car’s oil & fuel choice have anything to do with nutrition? glad you asked……..


Nutrition Assessment

The most frustrating thing is trying diet after diet to get the results you are looking for without success. Or you see success and then rebound back. When you book with me for a nutrition assessment,  I look beyond just the food you are eating or not eating. Using nutri-body and Live Cell Blood Analysis, I can act like a detective and get a better picture of you gut health, wether you are using the nutrients or if you are even digesting them. You could be the healthiest person eating all whole foods but may not be absorbing or assimilating the nutrients. Based on signs and symptoms you are experiencing, I am trained to correlate what these messages mean concerning nutrients.