Day of Voxer

Excited to offer this to clients Summer of 2020. You have questions and want to get some expert advice on supplements, products, retreats, meal plans, meal plan ideas, help when shopping at the health food store. Join the waiting list to get priority booking times, pre-launch pricing and be the first to get Sue in your pocket. Start writing down your Voxer Day ideas now: skin care questions, nutrition questions or maybe you need to pick my brain on social media for your business? Stay tuned!!!



Imagine having an expert in your pocket to help you through planning, shopping, and prepping? That’s when the “mobile” aspect of Voxer really shines! Day of Voxer format is a great fit, on the go personalities, ease into daily lifestyle, and the needs of clients – in a way that 60-minute calls just aren’t going to achieve.

There are things happening around you all the time all day long,  Day of Voxer allows you to handle it all while still amazing value & coaching delivered to you within the day. The format is revolutionary for someone seeking coaching but not able to nail down hours of focused attention. Join the Waiting List to be the first to learn more about this offer and book in your Day of Voxer when it launches.


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