Skin & Hair Nutrition


Skin & Nutrition Assessment

Great Skin Begins within! Your skin condition is a window to deeper nutrition health or issues. This session involves reviewing your skin care products you currently are using, nutrients needed for the perfect healthy glowing skin. You will be directed to pay through Square Payments. Once your payment is received, Sue will be in touch to book your consult. 



Holistic Plant Based Vegan products

A great way to begin to switch over your skin care & nutrition products. Great skin truly does begin within. 6 Holistic based formulated products including, protein powder, probiotics & enzymes for gut health,  plant based skin care, vitamins for cellular energy, all vegan. The only thing missing is an essential oil, which you can add to your cart. I suggest the Harmony Blend to support stress reduction which also has been shown to support better digestion. This is a membership based product line. You will be taken to the page to complete sign up and purchase direct from the company. 

  • review your current product regime
  • $20 membership is covered for access to plant based vegan products delivered to your door
  • Trial kit of recommended skin care products to test effectiveness with your skin
  • Health Canada approved products with NPN numbers
  • Nutrition recommendations for internal skin health


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