Art, Nutrients & Your Nervous System

Slot Canyon Arizona

The feelings of being burnt out and the way we know that something is not quite right. Our body sends us messages expressed through emotions. I have learned through out years of studying,  we are inherently gifted with knowledge our body’s warning system. We just need to learn the signals again.

Correlating all the feels of burn out, and tools we can use to nurture the effects of a depleted nutrient system. A holistic approach to bring the body back to balance and homeostasis combines activities that allow the body to rest & digest, sleep & recover along with nutritional rebalancing.

Journaling & Art Therapy

As a self proclaimed Type A serial entrepreneur, an only child and sole caregiver to my parents, it became crystal clear over the years that my body needed more tools to cope with stress & chronic heightened states of anxiety. I believe rediscovering the stress releasing activities of journaling, art and grounding my body in nature while working on nutrient balancing, has helped me correct the path my body was headed in. One of the creative outlets that has supported my personal journey is collecting experiences and capturing them through short video creations. Follow on IG to see some of the recent short videos created in my reels library.

Education & Training

CNP (Certified Nutrition Practitioner) Institute of Holistic Nutrition 

Live and Dry Blood Microscopy Edison Institute of Nutrition

HTMA-PClinical HTMA Level 1