Bioindividuality & Personal Biohacking

Biohacking and frequency medicine.

Your world is filled with information bombarding you on the best detox products, best protein powders, take this vitamin……. on and on. The one message lacking with all these pieces of advice is…… what is your bio-individual requirements. Each person has a unique and personal to them need, when it comes to nutrients, adaption & resonance to bio-frequencies.

Biohacking Ideas

We are lucky to have a few methods to gather our own unique data using some biohacking ideas in order to collect actual data about your body and how it is functioning.

  • CGM: Continue Glucose Monitor Keeping a record of how your body is using sugars can be super enlightening. We see a ton of information on sugars, do’s and don’t, but what is your body actually doing. In Canada, you can get a CGM over the counter at a pharmacy. Watch your blood sugars, document what your eating or what you are not eating. The information helps you understand what’s best for you.


  • Blood Pressure Reader: Having a BP reader at home allows you to take your own blood pressure readings and document these to get a longer term idea of your overall blood pressure status. Having this type of information is super empowering and so great when visiting the doctor’s office on your next visit.


  • IMF: Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies. Adding in a microcurrent device at home can offer numerous benefits. Every cell in the body has it’s own membrane potential. Resting membrane potential is the difference between electric potential and the cell’s intracellular and extracellular matrices. Vibration and frequency medicine is a whole next level of biohacking. Inquire more about micro current/frequency scans email me at or follow me on IG and send me a DM  @goseesuejournal 


  • HTMA: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can offer great insights into your bio-individual status of minerals and resonance over a 3-4 month window. It can be super informing about what potential nutrients are possibly needed to support the adaption processes of the body. Minerals and Vitamins are extremely co-factored in that, supplementing individually may or may not be any benefit to your body and in fact could be hindering. Working with a trained HTMA Practitioner can offer incredible insight into how your body is using nutrients, dealing with toxins/metals or assessing what stage of acute/chronic stress your body may possibly be dealing with. Inquire to get your HTMA started email or follow me on IG and send me a DM in instagram @goseesuejournal