Protein Waffles

Healthy Protein Waffles I made this quick video for the entrepreneur on the go, but it can also be used for your kids at home. Adding protein to my kids daily food intake is key as a mom. Finding ways to hack their sweet tooth and offering them options that are healthier is always a […]

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Skin-Boosting Botanical Blend

, How do you drink in the glow? Botanical based nutrient drinks are the best way to quench your thirst, hydrate and benefit your skin. When you head to the pool, deck or go to reach for a refreshing drink after the bike ride, why not make the drink work for you? Key nutrients are […]

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Go See Sue

  ENTREPRENEUR’S NEEDS TO KNOW So often I hear of small business owners loosing their businesses to health related concerns. As entrepreneurs, we feel invincible daily. We thrive on being proactive, feeling alive being in control of our days and date book. So what happens when the control is taken out of our hands due […]

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I am not a Foodie

Moroccan spiced soup

Hate to Cook? Me too. yes, I hate to cook……I can hear your wheels turning, “but you are a Nutritionist?” I get it… may seem contraindicating to be a holistic nutritionist and not enjoy cooking. But in my life, food was never about nutrients, macros, antioxidants and fuel. I did not grow up thinking this […]

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Lion’s Mane At The Barn

Lion's Mane Mushroom - Suzanne Tate Certified Nutrition PRactitioner

Stittsville Market At The Barn The goal originally was to host a farmer’s market that had a holistic spin. This past weekend we were treated with the opportunity to purchase Lion’s Mane Mushroom from Forest Floor Mushrooms from Almonte. Not only do these mushrooms taste amazing, but they now have started to have recent research […]

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