Have you ever woke up thinking……is this the next 40? Can I do this for another 40 years? I woke up with this gut feeling starting at age of 40 after an incredible career in Photojournalism. I knew I needed a change. Burn out is real and what you are feeling needs to be acknowledged. After years of non stop entrepreneurship, care giving, personal drive to achieve goals…….. I personally hit a wall when my dad passed away in 2021. Prior to these events I had gone back to school and studied Holistic Nutrition. Little did I know this training would be to support myself through menopause and caregiver burn out. We all have busy lives, adding another 10 things to your “to do list” creates a confused body & mind. My body finally said NO more.

This space I hope will allow you to rediscovering the therapeutic aspects that art can offer your body, the calming nature of journaling for the parasympathetic system, the creative journey of discovering a piece of furniture and transforming it through a creative process.

I love guiding & empowering former adrenaline seeking people who loved being busy to be busy, to find space in their day to settle the mind. Discover a medium that creates space, clarity, passion & calming activity back into their daily self care routine. 

I have always thought of our bodies like vehicles. We take our cars for oil changes every 5k, we give them tune ups and interior washes, take off the salt stains crusted onto the matts……however, do we give this type of care and attention to one of  our most important vehicles, our minds? We get one vehicle for life and how it runs, directly effects the bottom line of your business, career, family and life.