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The answer you can watch here , to the headline above will drive you nuts with wanting to know more of the story.

CBC’s The Passionate Eye had an incredibly interesting and need to know documentary on air called The Story of Food Waste. Narrated by the late Anthony Bourdain, the documentary travels the world to find modern practices of 0% food waste countries, using riveting technology and ideas to create something new from something old. As Bourdain mentions ” use everything waste nothing.”

I have heard of the Canadian Food Pyramid (guide) but what’s the EPA Food Waste Pyramid?

Composting at the barn- suzanne Tate Certified Nutrition PRactitioner

In this piece of the documentary you can see the pyramid of food waste and when we get to the bottom, we hear the stat 90% of all food waste scraps in the USA are going into the landfills.

Once you watch this episode of the passionate eye, I challenge you not to change your food waste habits. How can you reduce your waste in your home? Are you up for the challenge? To watch the full documentary head to The story of Food Waste .

Do you have a great story on composting, what you do for your scraps? I would love to hear them, you can reach me on my contact page.