Journaling Benefits for Health

I am not sure about you, but the world wide lock down of 2020 to 2022 forced me to stop. It was the first time as a highly driven entrepreneur addicted to adrenaline rushes of constantly being on the go, that I was forced to stop everything. What happened was an incredible opportunity to rediscover something I had let go for 11 years.

Art & Health

For 20 years I worked in a creative environment as a photojournalist. When I decided to leave the industry, I started to forget how important art and creative outlets were for my health. I benefit personally from the calming nature of photography, watercolours, journaling or print making. In fact arts as a method for healing goes back thousands of years. Global news covered Art as a stress relief outlet back in 2021.  

Watch My Creative Process

Part of my creative flow is capturing my journaling on video. I enjoy adding music, b roll & creative lighting to pull together a story that is calming & enjoyable to watch. You can see my Letterpress journaling on my Youtube channel. The Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) is your rest and digest, homeostasis system. Responsible for energy building, food digestion, and assimilation. In order for our PNS to be engaged, we need to be out of fight or flight mode (Autonomic Nervous System). Doesn’t it feel like we are in constant Fight or Flight mode these days? THIS is why journaling practice has supported my health. Slowing down to journal offers me a chance to breath deeper, sit in calmness, reflect, engage in sensory support with essential oils and the best part……turn off my constant entrepreneur chatter in my head.

Start your journal today

I highly encourage you to just start. Do not overthink the process of what to write or draw. Find a journal that sparks you or a pen that you love writing with. Create a special space & ritual for this calming moment of your day. If fountain pens and ink intrigues you and you want to get started, I recommend a great Canadian company called Ferris Wheel Press . As a gift to help you get started, grab a free ink charger of your choice as a gift. Use the code SUE in the checkout.

To support you further, check out my Healthy Entrepreneur free download.