Who wouldn’t want a #tinyoffice?

Tinyoffice delivery at the barn-suzanne tate certified nutrition practitioner

This space looks sooooo different now. As you can see in the pic above, the “tinyoffice” or she shed was just being delivered. This whole craze for a “tinyoffice” started when we bought our new house with a gorgeous little cozy shed in the back yard. I declared immediately, “this will be my office”.

Fast forward 5 years and I have the Tinyoffice however it is beside The Barn instead. Actually, truth be told this is way better!

Art in the Delivery

Has anyone watched the delivery of one of these sheds before? There is truly an art or talent that has to exist when maneuvering one of these cute little sheds into tight spots. Just one guy with a trailer and hydrolics, a bit of muscle and voila…..she was in place.

Tinyoffice-Athebarn-Suzanne Tate Certified Nutrition practitioner

Kodiak Custom Sheds

The project to finish and winterize this cute little #shedquarters is well under way. Those who come to the Stittsville Market At The Barn have watched the progress. The compliments on this great little office goes all to Kodiak Custom Sheds in Stittsville. Their attention to detail and collaboration of sponsoring the Market have been a great addition to the 2018 Market season.

So come knock on the door and say hello when you stop by sundays 10 to 2pm! We can talk #shesheds or #holisticnutrition, both make my heart sing.