Your Calendar Speaks Volumes

What we make time for in our day reflects deeply on what we prioritize. Have you ever felt like your day is already chosen for you? Or that your google calendar is the one in charge? When we have day after day of crazy busy schedules , it can feel like we are not responsible for the choices that created  this. Sometimes we even can wear this like a badge of importance. We are so busy. Eventually this begins the journey towards burn out.

Proactive Language for Health

A trick that helped me shift to owning my time and implementing daily restorative practice, is one simple shift of words. Take the phrase “I have to go” to this meeting and change your language to ” I choose to go ” to this meeting. Ownership of your actions begins the process of healthier choice making in your day. The reality is we do not have to do anything, there is no master puppeteer that dictates our day. If our days are chaotic, there has been a sequence of choices leading up to this chaotic day. We have personally curated our own chaotic schedule. Once we empower ourselves to curate a day of proactive choices, we start to add in restorative yoga, meditation, creative journaling or the gym.

Is Self Care A Luxury?

Is taking the car to the garage a luxury or a choice to keep your vehicle healthy? We don’t have to take the car to the garage, but we choose to. Does visiting the Doctor for a check up count as a luxury or a choice to be proactive with your health? Could taking an hour in the morning to journal, meditate, practice yoga be a luxury for only a few people or a choice for everyone to be proactive with their mental health?

Switching from have to to choose to creates an incredible feeling of empowerment and ownership of your choices. You may find yourself enhancing your choices leading to a healthier lifestyle and calendar schedule.