Stittsville Farmers MArket-Suzanne Tate CNP

A Long Drive Home

While on a long drive home from a hockey game in Cornwall Ontario (yes we won) there was a perfect show for me to tune into. Fascinated with the topic and guests, I new this one was a must share.

TED Talks

I can spend hours in the TED Talk replays, so finding them easily like this is a gift. We have a local community garden in Stittsville created by an incredible local resident. We now have an established Farmer’s Market that I started in 2017 and we hope to see this grow in the coming years.

Something that has been apparent while listening to the farmer’s market clients, having ideas like this come alive is what local residents want! They CRAVE markets that are local and offering food locally grown, they CRAVE meeting the growers, they CRAVE meeting their neighbours, walking with the family, biking to the market and garden. The other item that has become very clear is we need to remove the red tape and government paperwork that sometimes can be the gap between these great programs and community desires from happening. It is not a lack of ideas or people who are keen to get these ideas happening, it is more a lack of desire to fight to make it happen.

I urge you to listen to these interviews on NPR from sunday night. A great story from the UK and another from famous author Mark Bittman. TED Radio Hour can be heard on Sunday Nights on CFRA locally.

Enjoy on your walk today, and remember to go VOTE for your local councillor. TIME for community and local residents to take back control of how their food hits the table. We can do it, even in our climate in Canada during the winter months.