Journaling Benefits for Health

Journaling Benefits for Health I am not sure about you, but the world wide lock down of 2020 to 2022 forced me to stop. It was the first time as a highly driven entrepreneur addicted to adrenaline rushes of constantly being on the go, that I was forced to stop everything. What happened was an […]

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Self Care

Self Care & Morning Sunrises Have you been for a sunrise paddle? Starting your mornings with a set ritual can set your self care practice up for the rest of the day. Ever feel like you are fed a buffets of health news, ideas and tips arrives everyday and can quickly become overwhelmed with all […]

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Skin-Boosting Botanical Blend

, How do you drink in the glow? Botanical based nutrient drinks are the best way to quench your thirst, hydrate and benefit your skin. When you head to the pool, deck or go to reach for a refreshing drink after the bike ride, why not make the drink work for you? Key nutrients are […]

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The Healthy Entrepreneur

The Healthy Entrepreneur As an Entrepreneur you focus on sales, blogs, social media, clients, new clients, new business…..and before you even realize it, 10 years has gone by and your body is not working like it used to? I work with entrepreneurs helping them figure out the nutrition hacks that fit into the entrepreneur lifestyle. […]

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Signs of Inflammation Freebie

signs of inflammation

Inflammation Symptoms What do you believe to be signs of Inflammation? Inflammation is a natural reaction to injury or infection. Things that can trigger inflammation can include a diet high in Omega 6 fatty acids, exposure to environmental toxins, trauma, free radical damage, bacteria, fungal or viral infections. It is common for my clients to […]

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Backyard She Shed Office

she shed office

Backyard She Shed Office Every home based business owner needs to look into a backyard she shed. This is my second she shed creation and this one is in my backyard with all the she shed essentials. Hooked up to hydro, heat and wifi my business is ready for client visitors. Check out my first […]

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Go See Sue

  ENTREPRENEUR’S NEEDS TO KNOW So often I hear of small business owners loosing their businesses to health related concerns. As entrepreneurs, we feel invincible daily. We thrive on being proactive, feeling alive being in control of our days and date book. So what happens when the control is taken out of our hands due […]

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you just have to rest…….

There is nothing more unsettling than a visit to the ER with your kiddo with odd blood results that alarms not 1, not 2 but 3 doctors. This is where DR GOOGLE is nasty…..remember you can find anything you want to see on the big wide web. It’s the only thing in my life that […]

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I am not a Foodie

Moroccan spiced soup

Hate to Cook? Me too. yes, I hate to cook……I can hear your wheels turning, “but you are a Nutritionist?” I get it… may seem contraindicating to be a holistic nutritionist and not enjoy cooking. But in my life, food was never about nutrients, macros, antioxidants and fuel. I did not grow up thinking this […]

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Scoop on Poop

Elimination Let’s face it…..we do not like to talk about poop. elimination. constipation. farts. it is just one of those taboos. The only problem with creating a taboo around this subject…..we are silencing the one key way our body talks to us. What’s the one thing we literally have this in common with every single […]

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