So often I hear of small business owners loosing their businesses to health related concerns. As entrepreneurs, we feel invincible daily. We thrive on being proactive, feeling alive being in control of our days and date book.

So what happens when the control is taken out of our hands due to a health crisis. We cannot control our health blueprint but we can certainly support better options and choices along the way.


  • CHEW it costs you nothing yet can cost you so much. We are so on the go as business owners. We are always thinking about the next thing on our to do list. Sadly, we do this when we eat as well. Take time to chew your food before you swallow. This supports better digestion and assimilation of nutrients


  • WATER intake in your day is key to great health. Our bodies are made to eliminate for a reason. Not going to the bathroom for hours on end is a crazy unhealthy skill that many entrepreneurs seem to embody.


  • BREATHE deeply and often throughout the day. How many times have you found yourself breathing shallow and fast. The benefits of breathing deep and into the belly (versus the chest) are numerous. Check in with your breathe during times that are easy: driving, working on the desktop or right after you eat your lunch.


  • EAT nutrients. How many of you can wake up, grab your coffee(s) and work until 1 to 2pm without even eating? Many times entrepreneurs tell me they are not hungry, so they don’t eat. Meal prep and snack prep is key to a healthy work day.


  • SLEEP your minimum 8 hours. As entrepreneurs we seem to convince ourselves we do not need rest and our businesses thrive on being able to handle work with only 4 hours of sleep. Rest and digestion go hand in hand. Our bodies require recharging, refuelling and sleep is our wireless charging station for our bodies. How long would your i-phone work without sitting it on the charger? Even our devices need to recharge……why do we treat our body differently?

You may feel these are ridiculous pieces of common sense advice……..until you actually become aware of how many you are not incorporating into your business work day. We tend to save these daily functions for our holidays……then again……what are those for an entrepreneur?

If these resonated with you and you want to go deeper into your health journey as an entrepreneur, connect with me here. I look forward to working with you on your entrepreneur nutrition hacks.