LEO is a great friend

Arbonne Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon Arbonne Essential Oil

Essential oils are a potent piece of the puzzle to wellness. I have heard everything in the past 2 years from ingesting oils to using them in baking ideas. It is hard to know the truth when there are so many different opinions on the internet.

There are essential oils for topical use and aromatic use and then there are tinctures that are created for ingesting. One source that is great for Canadians is Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists. They have shared lots of research and cautions to be aware of about misinformation in the market. https://www.cfacanada.com/what-are-essential-oils/

One great option for essential oils is your own house cleaner. As we head into the season of colds, flu and becoming more engaged with cleaner non toxic options for our homes, try to add some essential oils to the options.


For my favourite cleaner I use 4 oz of white vinegar and 3 drops of Arbonne Lemon Essential Oil to create a fantastic kitchen cleaner. Great for deodorizing the fridge, add 10 drops with 1/2 cup of olive oil and use as a polish for wood.

Gifting ideas

For the extra special gift this winter for thanksgiving or Christmas reach out to my girl Ginny of Our Essential Nature and have her create a beautiful antique tea cup candle with custom scents for different occasions. 

The full set of essential oils from Arbonne are available to order online and direct ship to you.

For salves, balms and amazing remedies reach out to our certified Aromatherapist this summer The Barn, Dale from LifeScents Aromatherapy.

If you would like to connect more about essential oils, you can reach out at suzanne@atthebarn.ca or head to the contact page