30 Days to Healthy Living, Oil filter changes and Tea. Are you wondering what the heck does an oil filter change have to do with any of those items? Have you ever thought about how well you treat your car? You know that “every 5000km” get an oil change in your car.

Did you realize that we get one vehicle in our lives to keep forever. One amazing state of the art, premium high end vehicle……our bodies. When was the last time you took your body for an oil change?

Herbs for the liver and kidney

One brilliant way to support your largest and hardest working organ “AKA oil filter” or LIVER is incorporating incredible adaptogenic herbs into your life. My favourite brand of herbal tea is packed with herbal punch that supports liver function. Milk thistle, Peppermint, Dandelion, Sweet Fennel, Elder flower, Uva Ursi, Licorice root, Parsley, Chardon Marie just to name a few.

Available only online through a consultant like myself with the company, The Arbonne Essential Herbal Tea is a must addition to your nutrition routine.

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