Self Care & Morning Sunrises

Have you been for a sunrise paddle? Starting your mornings with a set ritual can set your self care practice up for the rest of the day. Ever feel like you are fed a buffets of health news, ideas and tips arrives everyday and can quickly become overwhelmed with all the ideas and ways to improve self care. A real approach that has been effective for my clients is teaching them to understand their own body language and figure out what works for them. The most common answer I give as a nutritionist and rep for skin care brand is “it depends” Each person is individual and needs a personal approach to their healthy living program.

Is Self Care About Weight Loss?

Did you ever notice sometimes self care and health living is automatically attached to diets or weight loss? Or how nutritionists are automatically connected to recipes and cooking? Possibly it is easier to digest info if we compartmentalize things into groupings. Self Care and healthy living is so much deeper and vast than loosing weight or using a meal plan. Diets are so flashy, I get it, they seem to be the quick fix.  Fun FACT: Did you know there were Diets in the 1800’s? How does this sound?  The Tapeworm diet, Vinegar diet,  or diet potions? Or late 1900’s chewing diet (fletcherism) how about 1930’s the smoking diet… 

Health Care Team approach

What if you took the approach of taking on wellbeing and healthy living like having a wellness team? Your own personal health care team? Have you ever noticed we are  taught about self care as a reactive approach? We have teams for diseases and react to fix the dis- ease in our body.  What about creating a team for a proactive approach  to healthy living? Reconsider how you nurture your body,  soul and mind on a daily basis. A holistic approach to wellness incorporates a sustainable network of choices all working together to create a wellness and proactive approach to healthy living day in and day out. 

Who is on your Health Care Wellness Team? I would love to hear your approaches below in the comments. If you would ever like to try a SUP session, reach out and connect with me! I would love to be part of your wellness team!