Work from Home in your She Sheds

She Sheds have been making a comeback in recent years prior to the Stay Home Stay Healthy year of 2020. As we all adjust our businesses and work from home, many realize that having a space is so key to productivity. This is my second She Shed. We created our first She Shed at the Market I sold in the Fall of 2018. Moving my business back to my house resulted in a few common issues when running a business in your home.

My Working From Home Head Aches

Right now, I bet you are all feeling these common head aches working from home:

  • cluttered piles of work all over the dining room table or kitchen table
  • cleaning up your work space to eat dinner loosing important papers
  • interruptions wile crafting blog posts, emails to clients
  • spending more time at the fridge than at your table working
  • asking the kids to “be like mouse” stay still and not move all day
  • Bags of needed work items get moved by well intentioned family members
  • your lovely family members standing behind you chewing on their freshly poured bowl of cereal

I can feel the heads nodding reading this! You need a space to focus, foster inspiration and escape to during the day. But how does this help grow your business? Is it worth the effort time and research going into creating this space for your business? YUP. keep reading to learn the Top Five Reasons a SHE SHED will improve your bottom line.

My Top FIVE Reasons to have a She Shed

  • daily productivity and focus increase leading to better daily results in business
  • she sheds create interest around your business offering different attraction marketing opportunities
  • research shows organization and decluttered spaces increase effectiveness in our daily lives
  • space to think, create without interruption from family or other spouse working from home
  • clients want to come see it, they come to you

So now that you have related to my top five head aches and top five reasons to have a she shed, are you ready to take a crack at planning your own personal space? If you want to see images from my she shed space head over to my Instagram at Go See Sue.